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Proud to power a novel FMT registry of 4000 patients across 75 sites
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Rx.Health won 1st place in “From Innovation to Transformation” awards

RxUniverse won top 5 for app-based medical solutions worldwide
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Improving the quality of care through our remote monitoring app
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RxUniverse Ranked in 96th Percentile for Usability
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Rx.Health The world’s first enterprise-wide platform for digital medicine innovation and transformation
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Rx.HealthHiring the brightest minds to join our team
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MYMipsScore and Rx.Health: Joining Hands to Provide The Most Comprehensive Toolkit for MACRA and MIPS

Dr. Ashish Atreja presented on A Platform Approach to Innovation
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Rx.Health presented Heart Failure Readmission Reduction Data
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Health Systems

We help ease the transition for health systems from fee-for-service to value-based care


Reducing costs for payers while still maintaining a high level of care

Ambulatory Surgical Care

Improve patient perioperative care through the use of digital medicine

Pharma & Researchers

Evidence-based medicine for the 21st century for physicians by physicians

With over 265,000 mobile health applications technology is not being utilized properly


Hospitals Faced Readmission Penalties

Are at risk each year if the wrong apps are used


Practices unprepared for MACRA or bundle payments

API and AI driven Customizable Platform with One Workflow for Multiple Use Cases

Success Stories

In a 6-week pilot at the Mount Sinai Health System, we exceeded our goal of prescribing apps to 100 patients by 20 times. The apps included our homegrown apps as well as third-party apps – all integrated and curated. With this, we provide value-added services to payers, health systems and other vendors – rather than competing one-on-one with any single vendor with one specific solution.

“The problem with digital health is it’s mostly unproven. I like to define something different, Digital Medicine; these are apps clinically tested and proven to improve patient outcomes”

-Ashish Atreja, MD, MPH

An App to Prescribe Other Apps

“Having something like this, where you have connectivity with [your caregiver] and you know they are going to see what is going on with you is fantastic”


CEO Ed Berde talks Entrepreneurism on Enterprise Radio

Rx.Health CEO and cofounder Ed Berde recently sat down with Enterprise Radio host Eric Dye to discuss his current work, as well as past ventures, in an effort to relay advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. Berde discussed how he embraced an alternative career path early...

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How Digital Medicine and the need for Real World Evidence is perfect opportunity to bring together Pharma, Payer, Provider and Patients (4 Ps). Looking forward to presenting this at the Real World Evidence Summit today.

Insightful discussion on how #digitalmedicine helps facilitate a move to #PrecisionMedicine

• #RemoteMonitoring & Impact on #PrecisionMedicine delivery
• Real-time #data collected from pts including environmental and #SDoH
• #digitalbiomarkers beyond #Genomics


Can #DigitalMedicine help facilitate a move to #PrecisionMedicine?

Looking forward to tomorrow's panel at @JournPrecMed #pmls2018 moderated by co-founder Dr. @atreja: Going beyond #genomics to look at #DigitalBiomarkers for precision #populationhealth

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